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Whether you are planning for your or your loved ones’ future, there will be obstacles and hurdles along the way. The legal system can be complex and confusing. No two cases are ever the same, with different steps and side-steps to take.

With 24 years of experience as an attorney, my team and I can help you find unique solutions to your legal problems. We are committed to providing our clients with all of the information they need to make sensible decisions about these important matters.

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Areas of Practice

We can help you properly set up a will or trust to avoid probate and so your assets will be taken care of and passed on to those you would like. Learn more.


We’ll file bankruptcy for you to stop all collection activity and then discharge your debts so you don’t owe them. Learn more.


Entering a nursing home can cost upwards of $10,000/month. We can help you qualify for Medicaid so your life savings aren’t diminished. Learn more.

Meet the Team in Your Corner

Michael B. Walling is an Elder Law and Estate Planning lawyer in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI. He is the owner and manager of Michael B. Walling, PLC, the Elder Law Center, and a part-time professor at Western Michigan University. A graduate of Wayne State University Law School, Mr. Walling has been a practicing attorney since 1996. In addition to receiving his Juris Doctorate (J.D.), he also obtained a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.).

Sarah received her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University in 1999. She met Mr. Walling at another firm in 2002 and left with him when he ventured out on his own in 2004. She loves the service aspect of her job, engaging with clients, hearing their stories, and helping them through difficult situations.

Why Walling Law?

Estate law, elder law, and bankruptcy can be complicated and full of nuance, and mishandling of these situations can lead to issues for generations to come. To protect your assets and secure your future, it is crucial to work with an attorney with skill, experience, and knowledge. At Walling Law, we don’t just look for the easiest way to solve our clients’ problems. We look for the best way. If that means a little more work for us, it’s worth it knowing that we are getting you the best possible outcome.