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Regardless of where you are in life, there is a future to consider, whether your own, your loved ones, or even your assets. Unfortunately, these sorts of things tend to get tossed aside, and people save the problem for another day. Then, they find themselves scrambling to get things set up and in place, figuring out the hard way the complexity of the legalities behind what they need.

Having a trusted attorney by your side will ensure a smooth process and peace of mind.

Expert Attorney Services

From young children to seniors, the expert services we provide can help everyone in your family. You can count on us for the expertise needed to handle these intricate cases and the compassion often lacking in the system. We see our clients not as another file coming across our desk but as another chance to help someone secure a better future for themselves and their family.

Estate Planning

Trust, Wills, and Lady Bird Deeds are the primary way to ensure that your assets will be distributed as you wish. They also allow you to avoid probate and appoint a guardian of your choice for any of your minor children. If you die without a will, the State of Michigan will determine how your assets are distributed. Our attorneys can help you create a Trust, Will, or Lady Bird Deed that fulfills your wants and will not be contested.


Probate is a complicated court process that facilitates the estate of a deceased individual. A personal representative—acting on behalf of the estate—identifies heirs, manages assets, pays debts, files income tax returns and other required documents with the probate court, eventually distributing assets according to the terms of the Will. Probate also includes guardianships and conservatorships which allow you to make medical and financial decisions for your loved one. Our attorneys can assist you to make sure everything is done correctly.

Medicaid Planning

Getting the care you need at a nursing home does not have to come at the cost of your life savings. There are legal options available to protect assets. We can help you or your loved one save hundreds of thousands of dollars and qualify for Medicaid. Individuals who are already in a facility can still qualify—just give us a call.


When collection agencies are constantly calling, it can feel like you’re backed in a corner with nowhere to go. Bankruptcy is an intimidating term, but it is the only legal way to stop all collection activity including garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. By filing for it, you can have a fresh start. We’ve helped hundreds of others get through this difficult time, and we can do the same for you.

Trust Administration

More and more people are having trusts prepared for them. Once the Settlor (the person who created the trust) dies, then the trust must be administered. The successor trustee has the authority to administer the trust. Our attorneys can assist you in the administration of your Trust estate.

We help people keep or regain control of their assets.

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